On May 13, 2012 we brought Nala home to join our family. We had started to get to know her during visits in Sandy’s home over the last couple of weeks. Sandy’s home was already established as a haven for rescued Cavaliers but this time was a little different. In addition to several grown Cavaliers, Sandy’s family had now created a nursery for an emaciated, meek mom and her 5 pups after being rescued from a puppy mill.



Nala was one of these 5 puppies being assess for appropriate placement. Nala, so far, is a beautiful, thriving, healthy puppy, who fits perfectly into our family. This did not happen by accident.

The success of our adoption is fully attributed to Sandy’s tireless work, diligently accessing resources and professionals to identify early signs of health concerns, both physical and emotional, carefully ensuring that all placements are suitable and prepared to handle any needs the puppy may have as they grown. But the support doesn’t stop there. Sandy has made herself available to support any situation we may experience in the future. 6 months into our adoption, we cannot ever imagine not having Nala as part of our family, but I know that Sandy will always support Nala and be there for her. Her commitment to the Cavaliers is unending, continuing to support research, education and advocacy, striving for a healthier, happy breed. Nala brings us endless joy every day and we can’t thank Sandy and her rescue association enough.

Andrea, Don, Zachary, Devyn, Tyson and Nala
The Chillman Family