What We Do

Cavalier Rescues - Ontario

We take care of every detail of the rescuing and recovery process, from transportation and medical help, to fostering, adoption and ongoing support.

The dogs that come into rescue receive immediate veterinary care and assessment for any medical condition. They are spayed or neutered, heartworm checked, vaccinated and a dental performed, including cleaning and/or extractions as needed. They are gently groomed and started on a nutritionally appropriate diet to meet individual needs.

Then we placed them with loving foster families who begin the nurturing process until their forever homes are found. Our foster families are pre -approved. They have pet experience and understand the complex needs of rescues physically and emotionally. Our foster parents are committed to providing a loving and stable environment for displaced or traumatized dogs as they begin the process of house training, socialization, developing trust and providing ongoing medical care as necessary. Our foster families are in the best position to observe the Cavaliers in their care and are helpful in pairing dogs to adoptive families. We give foster families continued support for the days, weeks or months that they might have foster dogs in their care. These families save lives one dog at a time and we are continuously grateful for their help and dedication to Cavaliers in need.

Cavalier Rescue Process

Our adoptive families are chosen with equal care. Home studies are an essential part of the application process and we work very hard to ensure a good match between dog and family. We understand that every family is unique, has different lifestyles and dynamics all of which can be paired with the needs and personalities of our rescued Cavaliers in order to come up with a match made in heaven. We treasure and thank our adoptive families for their commitment to loving and providing a forever home to these very special little dogs.

CavaCare remains committed to our adoptive families and offers continued support and help whenever needed. An adopted dog can be returned to us at any time, for any reason, no questions asked. We will always be right here.