Please do not buy a puppy from a pet store

Pet Stores sell PUPPY MILL puppies. They arrive at pet stores from brokers who buy directly from puppy mills, commercial breeders and at auction. Buying a puppy from a pet store enables commercial dog breeding facilities to continue to operate with the emphasis strictly on profit and not the welfare of an innocent animal.

Puppy mills house dogs in horrible, unsanitary, overcrowded, conditions. Denied vet care, socialization, exercise, grooming, or even adequate food and water. These dogs might never see the light of day. They are bred indiscriminately and the puppies that arrive at the local pet store often suffer from serious genetic health issues, temperament problems and lack of socialization. However, the worst of this is not the puppy in the pet store, but the mother and father of this puppy that are left back in horrendous conditions at a puppy mill... being forced to mate and have litter after litter to keep those pet stores well stocked.

Please dont let this cycle continue. Do not contribute to the neglect and cruelty of puppy mills by buying that cute puppy in the window! To stop pet stores from selling puppies in your community, please contact your Member of Parliament and voice your concerns.

REPUTABLE BREEDERS NEVER SELL THEIR PUPPIES TO PET STORES tells the heart breaking story of a little puppy mill cavalier and also gives lots and lots of other Cavalier breed information. Have a look.