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Useful Resources and Links for Cavalier Spaniel parents

The information on this website is provided by Dr. Clare Rusbridge, a specialist in veterinary neurology, including Chari and Syringomyelia in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Clare has provided information with regard to diagnosis, treatment and research for veterinarians, breeders and pet families.  This website is an excellent and updated reference for CM/SM in Cavaliers and other small breed dogs.

Carol Fowler a friend and colleague has been tirelessly campaigning for the welfare of pedigree dogs for many years, including the genetic health of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  This website takes you on the journey of her campaign from contacting her MP to meetings in the House of Lords in London, England.  There are still battles to be won as it is a long road through political agendas as you will see on this website.

Tania Ledger is also a friend and colleague advocating and supporting animal health reform, cavalier rescue and fundraises endlessly for genetic research. This website tells the story of her Cavalier rescues and includes so much information about puppy mills, ongoing research projects.  It is a wonderful,entertaining website that is a must to see if you have ever loved a dog.

This is Tania’s on line store.  The proceeds are donated to research and rescue so please visit and have a look at the wonderful selection of all things Cavalier.  You will love it and she will ship anywhere.

This website has also been produced by Carol Fowler and it identifies health issues in most breeds as we know them today.  No matter what breed of dog you are dreaming of, it is vital that you research the genetic health issues as most pedigrees will have them.   Educate yourself before considering adding a pet to your family.

Another excellent site for Cavalier health, the latest research information and Rod lists neurologists, Cavalier rescue organizations and so much more.  If you have a Cavalier or are wanting to add one to your family this information is correct and updated.  I highly recommend this website.

Margaret Carter is truly an inspiration to so many. Margaret has been a reputable breeder of CKCS for  so many years and has worked constantly for changes to be made in breeding these dogs to live longer and healthier lives. This website offers so much information and most significantly is a guideline on “how to buy a Cavalier puppy”. This is the best advice available.

This is the story of a brave little dog’s fight against syringomyelia (srin-go-mi-eelia), a debilitating disease that is threatening Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and other small breed dogs around the world. In an effort to raise awareness of this disease and assist in the search for a cure, Sandy Smith describes how syringomyelia has affected her family and provides information and support for dog owners, breeders and veterinarians.

Humane Society International targets puppy mills in many countries and Canada is no exception.  In September 2011 over 600 dogs and puppies were confiscated from a puppy mill in Quebec that were living in squalor...With the help of Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue in the US we were able to get three precious Cavaliers out and in loving homes.  

Please do not buy puppies from local newspaper ads, the internet, pet stores or the guy next door. Most of those puppies will come from mill brokers or backyard breeders who do not test for health or provide adequate environments, including vet care, nutrition or shelter. Buy either from a reputable breeder or from a reputable rescue organization including your local SPCA and Humane Society.   Hundreds of beautiful dogs in these shelters are waiting for a family

Take a look a this story on Oprah's Show, for more insights about this big issue and what to do about it:

If you live in the US and want to adopt a Cavalier rescue please consider” Lucky Star”.  We have adopted our own rescues from Lucky Star and there are so many that need a loving home.